Owners pull scams on unsuspecting tourists. Never use hot water for cleaning. Very noisy, firecrackers, mega-loud music.

#2,964 rating: 1/5

Bayan has such a unique talent to empower others to eat healthy and make you laugh. He is hilarious. Very down to earth and provides mouth watering healthy desserts you have never tried before.

#2,963 rating: 5/5

Try all that you can and you will be amazed from the quality of the food and the wine also. The prices are very low and the service is great! Try falafel and mushroom burger!

Athens #2,962 rating: 5/5

THIEVES, they said you can cancel your contract at any time, they will reimburse you for the months you didnt went with a certain penalty of course, but they dont even follow their contract, they dont reimburse nothing ... read more

Ninove #2,961 rating: 1/5

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#2,960 rating: 5/5

Through it's presentation I was able to be feel motivated and to believe positively in my dreams,not only in dreams as said but even on current situation.

Pretoria #2,959 rating: 5/5

Super coffee at Bogota coffee nice service and hospitality. Plenty of noise from the locals drinking their coffee like bats. I had two coffees at the Eastlakes location on my way to the airport

Rosebery #2,958 rating: 5/5

We had occasion to visit this pub while passing through Longford. We would be the last to complain about things but if something is not right and you ask politely for it to be put right as a customer you expect to be lis... read more

Longford #2,957 rating: 1/5

I think this number one in merter this fabric full cotton . now summer seazon I wiil take to 1000 price polo t-shirt and area very sale more more model

#2,956 rating: 5/5

I wouldn't ever trust Lana with my eyebrows. Worst experience. She's so fake! Personality and photoshops her instagram photos. Just low class. Everything!

Sydney #2,955 rating: 2/5