Fantastic location and place. Food wine and environment italia italiaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitaliaitalia

#3,456 rating: 5/5

Excelentes tratamientos, la tecnología más avanzada y lo que más me gusta es los resultados que veo y el Excelnte servicio que tienen! Muy muy contenta, gracias María Andrade, no los cambio!!

#3,455 rating: 5/5

Foul smelling and tasting sweets in the £ 1 cups are over a year past " best before " date. Staff didn't care - as legal to sell past best before they left them all on shelves. Disgusting!!

Aberystwyth #3,454 rating: 1/5

AC tecnicians are well trained. The manager is very accommodating and easy to talk with regards to their pricing. Affordable yet quality job. The best!!!

Antipolo #3,453 rating: 5/5

I've just bought Rice Dovi and chicken stew and the chicken has a bad smell. Can't get the phone number to call to complain.

#3,452 rating: 1/5

Spent a grand vacation there in April 2017 with my siblings & our families, place was very accommodating, staff friendly & helpfull, plus celebrated my parents 65th wedding anniversary! Had a great time & my ... read more

Cable Beach #3,451 rating: 5/5

This is an incredibly creative place. So very different. Like walking through a wonderland of the imagination. The owners are friendly and so welcoming. Love this place.

Sydney #3,449 rating: 5/5

Todo en salud, bajo un mismo techo....salud se escribe con te.....SALUTE Volveré siempre contento, a ser atendido con calidad y humanidad. GRACIAS POR TODO SALUTE

#3,448 rating: 5/5

Η σταθερή μας προτίμηση, όταν κατεβαίνουμε στον Πλαταμώνα από τον Παλιό Παντελεήμονα. Υψηλού γούστου το ντιζάιν στο εσω... read more

#3,447 rating: 5/5

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Seri Kembangan #3,446 rating: 5/5