Afrose Restaurant Jalan Langkawi - The worst mamak restaurant in Setapak

2 days ago by Gigi James

The owner of this restaurant isn't a Malaysian, somewhat a muslim terrorist from india. The old prick always charge the customers 10 sen extra on the meals and drinks. He joyfully round-up the price, e.g If the price is RM3.90 he would char...
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      Kedai Runcit Hidayati - Kind and generous

3 days ago by Syasyida

KR Hidayati's workers at Taman Pasir Putih are kind and generous. That's make me feel happy to go there. Penjagaan tauhu yg baik sbb tak masam. Tauhu pun tak berbau :) Susunan barang yg teratur dan bersih.
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      Креп Де Шинок - Все стало хуже!

3 days ago by Anonymous

Сегодня решили прикусить блинами, и конечно единственное место о котором подумали Все это КрепДеШинок который всегда радовал нас, но в этот раз нас визит к Вам был ужасен. Началось все с того что большую часть нашего заказа ( в заказе были...
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      Ocean Pearl Cove Resort , Tabayla Tabango Leyte - Pros and cons

5 days ago by Anonymous

ProsGreat resort. A lot of fun. The lodging was amazing. Pooll and premisis was great. Out standing receptionist and cleaning staff. Cons: Male supervisor that with us in an inappropriate manner Where his story changed of the original...
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      Club Apeiro Entertainment and KTV Bar - Stay the Fk away

6 days ago by Plaza

If you want to get Fked over and scammed then be my guest and enter at your own risk. After paying a small fortune to just enter the place, your then scammed further when you make a purchase of either food or drink. Don’t not enter, do not...
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