Awesome kebabs . Amazing staff they there is a couple there who just work together as one they really no what there doing. Food is always fresh and well presented. Love it!!

Airlie Beach #3,699 rating: 5/5

This salon under new ownership has evolved into an cluttered, over decorated, unrelaxing atmosphere. The music is played so loud you can't hear yourself think or carry on a conversation. The new staff, never smile, ... read more

Kelowna #3,698 rating: 2/5

The Keys Bridge waterhole is private property. Under the title the owners of the adjoining properties on either side of the creek own to the centreline of the stream. They will prosecute trespassers.

Coorabell #3,697 rating: 1/5

I visited Lusk, Ireland in 1989. I visited the Willie Monks Museum curators home; Mrs Kelly, who treated me to a family name historical excursion, which I am still following today. I hope that the rating scheme above is ... read more

#3,696 rating: 1/5

Went there to buy a backpack. At the cashier, this staff, she's wearing a black scarf was super rude when I asked her if I can make a double check on the backpack. I asked her, "Boleh saya check dulu?" and... read more

#3,695 rating: 1/5

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