Pusat Latihan Memandu Wawasan Sdn Bhd Ps Naidu - Rude female instructor

6 minutes ago by Anonymous

Your female instructor was very rude towards one of your clients. Very unprofessional. She could have used polite words when teaching those clients on how to drive but instead she kept using rude words towards the client.
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      Стоматология Дентлайн Люкс - Лучшая стоматология в Минске

3 hours ago by Алиса

Добрый день! Вылечила в Дентлайн Люкс у Инны Константиновны Яковлевой букет кариесов. Прекрасный доктор, всегда в хорошем настроении, на позитиве. И мне не давала паниковать и бояться. Спасибо!
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      Vila Klepalo - Only nature is good

8 hours ago by Natasha

I have been there two times in the summer and in the winter, and never more :) it is no good place, rooms are dirty and personal is terrible they don't won't to make a little sadndwich for my boy, the restaurant are dirty to expensive with...
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      Parit 12, Sg. Panjang, Sg. Besar Selangor - sejarah parit 12

1 day ago by nazira

sejarah mengenai parit 12 sungai panjang sejarah sebelum dan selepas wyjud parit 12,bilangan penduduk ,latar belakang parit 12,pekerjaan
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      Warung Jom Nyendol Pekan - Jom Nyendol

1 day ago by Khairul Nizam

Jom Nyendol very reasonable price and Cendol itself very good compare in Kuala Lumpur. As boy born in the city, Nasi Lemak here, I can say No.1 !I ..delicious.. But operation hour very short after lunch only..and the place crowded..and at...
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