Situated in an old hause passed 3 Km Palas de Rei, very clean. You can eat home made food. Bar, terrace...a good place for relax and keep contact with the real Camino.

#3,338 rating: 5/5

Shirts and Suits still in perfect shape and quality, even after 6 years hard use, as is my fathers suits which Ron discretely suggested I paid for... Mr Ron is a gentleman, do not waste your time with other tailors.... read more

Kuala Lumpur #3,337 rating: 5/5

OK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK ang Villa Luis MiguelOK a... read more

#3,336 rating: 5/5

I visited the shop last week end. Staff was welcoming. Shop is tidy and organised. Setting and layout of the shop is good. Uzair was very helpful, helped me find the size I wanted, and showed me different designs and s... read more

Birmingham #3,335 rating: 4/5

Τρεις λέξεις που μπορούν να περιγράψουν πλήρως τον προσκοπισμό. Οι πρόσκοποι της Θέρμης πολλά χρόνια τώρα προσφέρουν στ... read more

Thermi #3,334 rating: 5/5

Uma roulote como deve ser, ao contrário das muitas brasileirices que por aí abundam. Recomendo o Mr.Burguer bem como qualquer outra alternativa do menu!

Carcavelos #3,333 rating: 4/5

Dtg pukul 615 ptg sepatutnya harga dinner treat tp cashier ckp kena ikut mass kat mesin wang..sedangkan jam kedai pn pkl 615...INI lah penipuan tanpa pelanggan sedari..x kan kesilapan anda ,pelanggan terpaksa tanggung...... read more

#3,332 rating: 1/5

Please hire a better customer service to handle order, who don't forget customer change, and that is friendly and caring to the customer thank you. and we have to wait very long time to get our order out wasted 20 ... read more

Parramatta #3,331 rating: 1/5

bought a 2nd hand Kia Sportage that was sold to me with a flat battery and then wern't interested in trying to solve the problem for me and so i had to change the battery myself and now the radio/cd player does not... read more

#3,330 rating: 1/5

Refused to serve a family of four because my wife was indispose and didn't want to eat, so she didn't order. all other person ordered a pizza, several beverages and appetizers! Believe they don't want cust... read more

#3,329 rating: 1/5

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