I used Manuela's editing services several times and I was very happy with the quality and also the price. She is very approachable and did not try to change the voice of my writing, but improved it by getting rid of... read more

Perth (Western Australia) #2,279 rating: 5/5

the best indian restaurant. food is very good. value for money. ambience is good with western setting. every indian can be proud off. Good Service. must try breakfast, Appam and lunch Nasi Briyani

Kulai #2,278 rating: 4/5

Perghhh! Nasi Kandaq Omar ni memang terbaik dari ladang. Lauk-pauk semuanya syiok. kompem repeat! tiap-tiap minggu aku singgah. best bro! siap mintak nasi lebih

Ipoh #2,277 rating: 5/5

Cafe service is disorganised - food can wrapped in plastic on plate. Coffee took ages with other customers who ordered after us delivered before us.

Nagambie #2,276 rating: 1/5

Customer service is very bad, they treated me like i'm not buying an iphone. I was observed they're looking down at their customer based on customer's appearence. They also do not provide any guide for me ... read more

#2,275 rating: 2/5

The staff at Hungry Jack's Boondall always get orders wrong, almost to the point where you have to wonder if they're doing it on purpose. Complaints via their website fall on deaf ears. Hands down the worst ser... read more

Brisbane #2,274 rating: 1/5

I strongly recommend you to NEVER do business with this design studio. Business ethics is something they know nothing about!

Prague #2,273 rating: 1/5


#2,272 rating: 5/5

Before i sent for checking, the laptop still can use. eg : search internet or play game. However i need to keep chasing and wait almost 1 month to get it back and their attitude are so bad until i so anger with them. Fin... read more

Seremban #2,271 rating: 1/5

Un vrai écolodge, eau de source, energy solaire, produits du jardin, soirées aux chandelles, accueil Franco-Créole. Un panorama des plus beaux au Cap-Vert et sentiers de randonnées au pied du hameau ... Que du Bonh... read more

#2,270 rating: 4/5

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