MOI Factory Outlet Cambodia - Best clothes store at sensok cambodia

1 day ago by KuJan

Great atmosphere with pioneer decoration and preparation, Cheap branded clothes and trending fashion also stuff are friendly, Frequent offering a big discount and promotions.
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      Randvaal Clinic - Pregnant and angry

3 days ago by tshepiso radede

I have been at the clinic for about 6hours and and am still siting wait for the nursese to start working again seen they toke lunch an hour ago i am 38 weeks pregnant and can't sit in one place for a long time and i am easylie prone to sick...
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      Sivos Sports Ground Kathu - Seeing the inside view of the ground

4 days ago by Anonymous

Does the field has disable parking and toilets.Are there restaurant in the ground. And what is the maximum capacity of the venue
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      M.B.R engineering - Unreliable at best

5 days ago by Anonymous

Took 4 attempts to get the work done. Didnt seem bothered at all. Would not recommend. Cheap for a reason.
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      Al Zarooni Bldg. Al Nahda, Sharjah, UAE - Poor Management

5 days ago by Muhandis

Excessive Maintenance issues, poor and careless management, defective MEP system of flats, poor cleaning and lot of cockroaches in whole building. Infact not a recommended place to live in.
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