The best burgers ever !!! And lovely Service . Im happy to be there . If u go to Ostrava u need to visit this bar!? Burgers & smoothie & Beers !!!!!

Ostrava #3,008 rating: 5/5

Sat out front for over 1/2 hour watching two people hog the self service bays. Left before a fight broke out, but the guy waiting at the other bay was already out of his car. Totally ridiculous. Nobody cares these day... read more

Trooper #3,007 rating: 1/5

READ ME!!!! SuperURGENT Sesiapa yg pernah:- Deal(Any-amount)/Paid(Any Amount)/RasaTertipu(Menglirukan/Tidak Jelas)/NO-Update@Reply/Uncountable/Nonredeemable Voucher Percutian/ from Company VendingOne pukimak ni... ... read more

Malacca #3,006 rating: 1/5

Own and operated by real Thai people. Real Thai food , compare to another Thai restaurant in the areas. The place feel like garden restaurant in Thailand.

#3,005 rating: 5/5

Don't even think about going there. Worst kalamaraki ever. Two person bill was 50 euro. Frozen products..

#3,004 rating: 1/5

I placed a order for delivery but they decided to cancel my order, this is giving them a very bad name in muscat oman, I expected so much better as a lot of people from my work has given them a good name, so I decided to... read more

#3,003 rating: 5/5

One of the best places to eat not only on the Sunshine Coast, but in BC. A fresh selection of appies and mains to choose from. Great service. Amazing value for the taste buds.

Powell River #3,002 rating: 5/5

Ancient Villa facing an amazing lake view, quiet location, seven private apartments all with terrace and breathtaking view. A few minutes walk to the town center reachable crossing the delicious garden.

#3,001 rating: 5/5

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#3,000 rating: 3/5

Food is good n great hospitality. Good for families to relax and enjoy a hot meal. Also has lots of shopping nearby to do.come and enjoy at this awesome place.see u there

#2,999 rating: 4/5

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