Parit 12, Sg. Panjang, Sg. Besar Selangor - sejarah parit 12

6 hours ago by nazira

sejarah mengenai parit 12 sungai panjang sejarah sebelum dan selepas wyjud parit 12,bilangan penduduk ,latar belakang parit 12,pekerjaan
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      Warung Jom Nyendol Pekan - Jom Nyendol

9 hours ago by Khairul Nizam

Jom Nyendol very reasonable price and Cendol itself very good compare in Kuala Lumpur. As boy born in the city, Nasi Lemak here, I can say No.1 !I ..delicious.. But operation hour very short after lunch only..and the place crowded..and at...
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      Meyers Ranch - Very Disappointing

12 hours ago by Terri Nash

I was so impressed the first time I ordered from Meyers Ranch that I've been raving to all my family and friends. What a joke! I ordered almost a month ago and paid on the same day. But I have received neither my order or confirmation of pa...
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      Qina Gadget - Fast repair phone

1 day ago by Anonymous

I cannot find where to put review and then i got here and will told you all about repairing here. Very fast repair and not make mistake. I can this brother disassemble my iphone and assamble back. Many people here so u need wait until your...
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      Mad Pizza Kings Cross - Wow! Gorgeous pizza

2 days ago by Denise

Wonderful pizzas in a lovely little restaurant. Great service from our lovely Canadian waiter. Highly recommended.
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